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Three Kiddos and Lots of Love {Charleston, SC Family Photographer}

I met a couple that will forever leave a mark on my heart.  From my observations, it seems that at some time, or a variable amount of kids or years together, couples seem to lose the energy they had when they were first together.  It seems that things become more of an obligation than a joy, smiles are forced and hide years of struggle, the twinkle in her eyes has softened to a glow for her kids, or the touch of his hand is no longer one that is youthful and excited, but one of comfort or duty.

Like I said, this is just an observation of some couples I see.  I try to surround myself with folks who still embody the joy of relationship so I can be reminded of it.  This Saturday morning was nothing short of that.  Meet the Sablotskys.  Their parents were incredibly affectionate, silly, fun, enjoyable to be around, and even with 3 kids in the mix, acted like a couple of school kids on the playground.

Fun, family photography by Songbird Photography

I loved my time with the Sablosty Family!  They were so full of love and laughter, in spite of the 40 degree weather. Kate- I am so thankful for the example you set and attitude you have!  It was wonderful to get to know your family and I look forward to watching them grow throughout the years!


First Comes Love. Then Comes Marriage. {Charleston, South Carolina Couples Photography}

I love newlyweds.  I always have.  It’s hard to explain, but there is something so captivating to me about newlyweds, their interactions, and how they are adjusting to this new season of life.

Carolina Couples photography by Songbird Photography

My session with the newly established Kane family was wonderfully unique.  They wanted to get pictures as a family for the first time.  I couldn’t be more honored to have given that to them!  Hearing the stories of their adjustments as a married couple and stories as a couple was a wonderful part of our time together.

Carolina Couples photography by Songbird Photography

We had so much fun roaming around the Flats at Mixson and watching the pup make himself at home.  I love sessions with dogs.  I love sessions with lovebirds.  Congrats on the new marriage, Kane Family!

Things I am Thankful For {Carolina Portrait Photographer}

When you are around the Thanksgiving table, do you ever play the game where you get to say what you are thankful for?  I do.  And then I get sad because my turn is over and there is still so much to say.  So.. you’re welcome.  Here is my unfiltered list of gratitude, in no particular order.

    1. I am thankful for my hubby.  He is funny, and lovely, and always so kind to do the dishes and let me watch my favorite show while it is halftime.  I feel like we have a whole adventure ahead of us and I can’t wait to go through it together, with a bag of Doritos, our pooch, and some giggling along the way.

      Photo courtesy of Kristin Burke Photography

    2. For people who make me a better person.  Whether it is through my small group with a bunch of teenage girlies, my prayer warriors, the Bull Street Four, or my best friend, I am so incredibly indebted to them.  They refine me, remind me, and always challenge me to continue growing, loving, and pursuing the things that God has called me to do.
    3. My dog.  May girl is so sweet and wonderful to me; she sleeps on my toes at night so they stay warm and always greets us with a smile (or some dirty toy, which is just as wonderful  an offering).Family photographer, charleston, sc, songbird photography
    4. My inherited family.  Kyle’s family is pretty great.  They are easy-going, accommodating, and love to just hang out.  I always appreciate that our time together is all quality time… you know, teasing each other, sharing old stories, playing games and eating cheese.  There always seems to be a lot of cheese and wine when we get together.
    5. My parents.  You can see why by clicking here.Family photographer, charleston, sc, songbird photography
    6. For the joy in my life and the love in my heart.  Loving people doesn’t come naturally to me, but I am grateful for a Creator that fills my heart with it every day.  I always wanted to be a wise, happy person.  I am thankful for every moment that brings me closer to that and takes me further from foolish and cranky.  Having a Savior really makes a difference (I am super grateful for that too).
    7. For food.  I really like it.  I am really glad to just put on a pair of stretchy pants and eat my way through a city… or a house.  As a result, I am super thankful for Thanksgiving so I can celebrate all things culinary with the Carpenters this year!
    8. My Sissy, Broseph, and Malachi.  They are always wonderfully welcoming and reaffirming forces.  There is nothing like having a person in your life that will end every conversation with an “I love you” and start every visit with a 10 minute squeeze.Family photographer, charleston, sc, songbird photography
    9. Quiet moments in the morning.  Typically, I like noise.  I can’t stand silence and talk through a movie.  I can’t help it… I think conversation is the beat of life.  That being said, there is something wonderful about quiet times in the morning with a cup of joe in one hand, a journal or scripture in the other, and the hope of the day to come.  It is in those moments that I get clarity and vision, things incredibly necessary in my scattered, busy brain.
    10. My camera, Click-Click.  I come from a line of storytellers and creatives.  Having Click-Click in my hands helps make up for what my voice can’t say and my hands can’t create.

World, Meet My Parents {Southeastern Portrait Photographer}

I don’t know how to start this.  Half of me is exploding with joy and love for these two people and the other half wants to write something very kind, poetic, and straight from a daughter’s heart about the lovebirds I call parents.Couples photography by Songbird Photography

So, when in doubt, I go to what I am best at, making lists.  Ladies and gentleman, my top 10 favorite things about the Herrells:

  1. They are super loyal.  When you are in with the Herrells, you are in.  Holiday shirts and all.
  2. They have been married for over 40 years.  I know my folks have gone through the ringer in their marriage, but at the end of the day, they still snuggle, laugh, and eat out like they are dating.
  3. They still dream together.  Most recently, they are dreaming about retirement with a house on the lake.
  4. Their stories of yesteryear.  I love to get my dad started telling stories about them dating, he gets animated, her eyes start to roll, and the same story gets better and better.
  5. They once got in a fight and my dad said to my mom, “You make me see red” because he was so angry.  He came home and she dyed her long hair bright red.  It’s been a shade of ginger ever since.
  6. My mom is stubborn and nurturing.  My dad is the world’s best storyteller and has a keen sense of leverage.
  7. They were the first to invest in my photography business and continue to be my top supporters.  They bought me my first camera and the only pictures in the house are ones I  have taken; it’s really sweet to have my own free gallery.
  8. They would give me the world if they could.
  9. My dad is such a smart and hard worker.  He taught me everything I know about managing money, saving, dedication and a good work ethic.  In my eyes, there is nothing he can’t do.
  10. My mom taught me how to care for people.  She has a side to her that is committed love and compassion.  When I get upset, she’s the only one who can calm me down and make me realize the world isn’t going to end, I just have to remember to breathe.

Couples photography by Songbird Photography

I’m sure everyone loves their parents.  I feel fortunate enough to actually really like mine too.  From Tuesday nights watching Gilmore Girls, to playing hooky to see the newest space themed movie with my dad, my parents are my pals, my support system, and this week, the best models a gal can ask for.

If loving you is wrong… {Charleston, SC engagement photographer}

I don’t wanna be right!  For some reason, that song is in my head.  It seems kinda fitting given a post about two lovebirds but then not so much because they are TOTALLY great together!

Back in the day, I posted this couple’s dreamy engagement session (you can check it out here). I know what you are thinking, “Can they GET any cuter?” (Did you catch my Chandler right then?)  Turns out folks, they can.

Cypress Gardens engagement session

I won’t goo and gah over them too much because, well, I did so in their earlier post.  All I can say is Sarah, thanks for finally being right about the one you’re loving.  And Jeremy?  Thanks for being the right one!  You both are a great couple and I cannot wait to celebrate your big day next month!  AH!

Cypress Gardens engagement session

Bridal Bliss {Charleston, South Carolina Bridal Portrait Photographer}

There are so many, yet so few words to describe the unexplainable joy that mounds in one’s soul when an exciting, life changing and faith building moment happens.  Watching Jen, who never wanted to be married, gown up and gallivant one Sunday morning for bridal portraits failed in comparison to the real wedding day, but was magical nonetheless.

Bridal portraits in Charleston SCI’ll be honest though… It started a bit rocky.  The session began later than expected, Max (her stinking cute dog) got sick on the way, the temperature was quickly rising, and she had to put on a wedding dress in the middle of the street, er sidewalk with some protective coverings.  The stranger’s well wishes and excited comments from the little girls running through the park about “a bride is over there; look at her princess dress!” made it all worthwhile.

I have sited at the edge of my seat to share these with you guys!  Here are some of my favorites from our morning together.

Bridal portraits in Charleston SC

A Waterside Proposal {Charleston South Carolina Portrait Photographer}

There are a few occasions in a gal’s life where she feels like she’s are on cloud nine.  One is certainly the day of her proposal.  And when my dear friend Jeremy asked me to accompany his chance to ask his beloved for a forever together, I jumped at the opportunity.

Charleston Proposal by Songbird Photography
Jeremy and Sarah’s story has been both long and short in the making.  While they have only been dating for 7 months, they have waited for each other for a lifetime.  Jeremy took Sarah to the Battery and dropped down on one knee at the same park her grandfather proposed to her nanny.  For two people who value family and each other, this was certainly the right start to the night.  After the YES!, a new sparkly ring, and calling their families, the night transitioned into a celebration complete with well wishes from friends, BBQ, and football.
Just what the doctor ordered because the only thing she loves as much as family is meat and UGA Bulldogs.
Charleston Proposal by Songbird Photography
Congrats again to the future Kents!  May you always remember the joy that overflowed in your hearts on this very momentous day!