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Three Wedding Dresses {Charleston, SC Portrait Photographer}

When Kayla first came to me with this idea, I was instantly sold.  When I heard her story, I was even more excited!  Three best friends all married in the same year.  To celebrate the occasion, they braved climbing back into those dresses as newlyweds and frolicked through downtown Charleston with me.

Bridal Portraits in downtown charleston by Songbird Photography

Congrats to you all!  I had such a fun time with you ladies sharing stories and talking about our hubbys!


If loving you is wrong… {Charleston, SC engagement photographer}

I don’t wanna be right!  For some reason, that song is in my head.  It seems kinda fitting given a post about two lovebirds but then not so much because they are TOTALLY great together!

Back in the day, I posted this couple’s dreamy engagement session (you can check it out here). I know what you are thinking, “Can they GET any cuter?” (Did you catch my Chandler right then?)  Turns out folks, they can.

Cypress Gardens engagement session

I won’t goo and gah over them too much because, well, I did so in their earlier post.  All I can say is Sarah, thanks for finally being right about the one you’re loving.  And Jeremy?  Thanks for being the right one!  You both are a great couple and I cannot wait to celebrate your big day next month!  AH!

Cypress Gardens engagement session

Bridal Bliss {Charleston, South Carolina Bridal Portrait Photographer}

There are so many, yet so few words to describe the unexplainable joy that mounds in one’s soul when an exciting, life changing and faith building moment happens.  Watching Jen, who never wanted to be married, gown up and gallivant one Sunday morning for bridal portraits failed in comparison to the real wedding day, but was magical nonetheless.

Bridal portraits in Charleston SCI’ll be honest though… It started a bit rocky.  The session began later than expected, Max (her stinking cute dog) got sick on the way, the temperature was quickly rising, and she had to put on a wedding dress in the middle of the street, er sidewalk with some protective coverings.  The stranger’s well wishes and excited comments from the little girls running through the park about “a bride is over there; look at her princess dress!” made it all worthwhile.

I have sited at the edge of my seat to share these with you guys!  Here are some of my favorites from our morning together.

Bridal portraits in Charleston SC

Have You Heard Southerners Rust? {Charleston Portrait Photographer}

As a photographer, I know the importance of capturing time. I don’t have artwork in my house. I have photographs. I have memories on my walls and magical frozen time on my shelves. Growing up, our family didn’t “do” family photos.  It was no one’s fault in particular, but I assume 2 fighting daughters, imperfect bodies, busy schedules, lots of opinions, and the inability to make decisions always got in the way…and I hate that.

Family Portraits from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

I hate that looking back, my mom was always behind the lens and never in the moment.  I get irritated that all our family photos fit into 4 albums.  It’s saddening that some birthdays went undocumented and that it wasn’t until I was in college that the pictures on our walls changed from when my sister and I were under 10, to a more accurate depiction of our 20-something selves.

Family Portraits from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

But, I love that they changed.  Perhaps it was because I became the resident photographer. Maybe life was more exciting so we felt a need to photograph things. It certainly helped that for years, my sister and I started giving my folks framed pictures for Christmas gifts.  No matter the cause, the effect was over-the-moon wonderful.  I love walking into our parents’ house and seeing the walls flooded with photo collages.  There is something glorious about remembering those moments and feeling valued because someone else thought they were wonderful enough to be spotlighted. It’s what got me through a time when my father was sick. It’s what renews my faith in our family when we are at odds with one another.  It’s what reminds me of home.

Family Portraits from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

Wild Cotton Photography wrote a beautiful blog on why photos are important.  I urge you to read it.  Whether you are a grandma, new mom, or graduating senior.  Life is always changing and evolving and we must take time to appreciate the moments and record them.  She poetically shares her story about her nana and gratitude for photographs…and mentions how we southerners rust (which is a hoot).

Family Portraits from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

She mentions, “The only thing between the past and the future is the click of a shutter.” Don’t let a negative self impression, scheduling, or fear of a bad experience get in the way of recording your memories.  When you are up against the wall, lean into it.  You can move it. You can change things.  And then you can have a gorgeous image to remember that season of life.  It doesn’t always have to be beautiful to be beautiful.  Sometimes, honesty, transparency, and authenticity are the most beautiful things a person can posses.

Family Portraits from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

So throw on your favorite top and take advantage of the back to school deals to get a great pair of shoes.  Grab a camera, or schedule a session and record the moment.  Every ounce of it.  For one day, the kids will be too old to dance in their tutus.  They won’t be interested in digging for buried treasure.  Your husband won’t have that full head of hair and you or a member of your family may have passed.  You will want these memories captured.  Go grab a camera, but most importantly, get in front of it.  Special event photographs are great, but life isn’t made up of special events spread out over the years.  It’s the little moments and victories in between them.

Family Portraits from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

She thee Wed {Charleston Portrait Photographer}

Let me make something very clear… I am not a wedding photographer.  I am thankful for folks who are.  I am also thankful for people who get married.  Especially these two cuties…

Couples by Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

It all started with a conversation they didn’t want to end.  It continued with lots of Jesus talks, sweet moments, laughter, and quality time.  On a beautiful day in May, it was made official when two united under a beautiful oak tree.

Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

I loved how their wedding pulled community and family support to make the day come alive.  Anne Catherine was a gorgeous bride whose heart and mind were in the right place,  “Let me make sure all these loose ends get tied up and marry Jeremy already!”

My favorite moment was when all her ladies circled up and prayed over the bride.  At the end, she said, “Wait!  I wanna pray too!”  That moment transitioned into the most transparent few minutes of the day.  I just heard a daughter crying out to her Heavenly Father with gratitude for His faithfulness.  It was beautiful.

Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

Congrats to the newlyweds!  I am sure there are all sorts of unpredictable and wonderful things ahead of you.  But I am mostly excited to call you neighbors and see your marriage grow!

You can view more from the wedding here.

One Saturday Morning {Daniel Island, South Carolina Engagement Photographer}

I love when people are happy and joyful. This was a good thing to be reminded of after last night.  I spent 4 hours making 150 cupcakes only to get a call from a police officer that my husband had been injured on his night’s run and needed me to pick him up.

So I did. Then, came home, cleaned up 12 pounds of icing, and went to bed only to wake up early for a sunrise session with two high school lovebirds.  But…it was the best session ever.

What started as a group date to the movies has evolved into a lifetime of movie nights for Landon and Bruce.  These two were too cute… They were so happy and joyful, even though they had been up since 7 at least on a Saturday.  Stay tuned for another post about them!

Engagement session by Songbird Photography by Stephanie HerrellOh yeah… Did I mention they are so cute I am entering them in a contest for I Heart Faces ?

Photo Challenge Submission

Vantage Points and Lovebirds {South Carolina Portrait Photographer}

It’s the one look that any bride is anxious for.  After all the work and preparation for the wedding, the planning and the day of primping, the moment of truth comes when the church doors open and the husband-to-be has his first look.  I love this moment.

And I loved this moment:South Carolina Portrait Photographer

This past weekend, my beautiful, strong, generous, sincere and nurturing friend married the love of her life.  It was a perfect day, filled with joyful friends and family, yummy food, the presence of God, a promise fulfilled after years of patience, and most of all, two swooning lovebirds.

South Carolina Portrait Photographer

I will be honest with you, I brought my camera with full intentions to capture their story and then I got this stirring in my soul that kept saying to me, “Just be here.  Just be a friend and witness this…Stop working, just be.”

South Carolina Portrait Photographer

So I did, but it was ridiculously hard. I had the best seat in the house to watch the ceremony unfold and from my vantage point, all I saw was God’s plan for two people coming together, and it was beautiful.

South Carolina Portrait Photographer

Congratulations to Tyler and Jesse!  Your joy is infectious and your future is promising. May you have days filled with laughter, growth, and blessings, and may I always be lucky enough to see you grow old together.