Pringles Beaks {Mt Pleasant Family Photographer}

There are a couple of reasons why I love this family.

family photographer in Charleston

  1. They have awesome parents.
  2. The kids are so fun and playful.
  3. They make pretty sweet chip beaks with the remnants of the Pringles can.

And let’s face it.  Having your picture taken is always better when junk food is involved.

family photographer in Charleston


Atlanta Bound {Southeastern Portrait Photographer)

As you may know, I got my start in Atlanta.  I am so thankful that my original Hotlantans have stuck by me throughout the years and continued to support my photography, even though I abandoned them to sunny Charleston.

In honor of our annual tradition, I wanted to announce Spring 2014’s dates for my photography weekend of fun in Atlanta!  I will be returning for Easter weekend and hope you can carve out some time to throw on a cute spring dress, wash your son’s hair, and spend an afternoon in the sun with me!

family photographer in atlanta

Please email, give me a call, or reach out through the blog’s contact form to schedule your session now!  The first 5 sessions will receive a FREE 5×7 print and a hug from yours truly.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of any out of town family and capture the memories!

Hope to see you on April 18 or 19th!

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“And there’s a hand my trusty friend!” {Cary and Raleigh, NC Photographer)

…And give me a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne.

Happiest New Year to you!  I can’t help but take this time to think of friends and gratitudes.  I am thankful for new beginnings and wonderful people to have on the journey.  For this post in particular, I am thankful my sister has those wonderful people.

Family and Couples Photographer in North Carolina

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my Sissy very much.  I would even go as far to say we used to be a little too co-dependent.  Nonetheless, we grew older, stronger, got married, and moved apart from one another.  We are still closer than most siblings I know (thanks to our ridiculous capacity for chatting and commitment to annual visits; I am sure our husbands are thankful we have each other’s ear to talk off), but the absence of her on a weeknight still hits me sometimes.  It’s times like that I think of moments like these: God has given her a great and wonderful community.  She is well-loved and taken care of and as one of my best friends, that is all I can ask for!

Family and Couples Photographer in North Carolina

This past November, I drove up to celebrate my nephew’s second birthday and capture some sweet memories of Sissy and her friends.  It was wonderful to get to know everyone a little better, take in the gorgeous fall foliage (which is desperately lacking in my next of the woods), and smile at what life has become.  This New Years, I am celebrating how life can change, people can move, grow up, face challenge, and overcome it.  Life changes and we all survive.  We get stronger.  We make friends.  We lean on loved ones and we power through to gain new loved ones.  So happy for this wonderful group of people and the community they have built.  May they always feel as close to one another in this season and the next.

And One Ducky Please {Raleigh and Cary Area Family Photographer}

I know a little girl name Emily and she is as cute as a button.  Case and point: when at the park with all the ducks, she very kindly asked if she could hold one and take it her home with her.  World, meet Emily and her parents….

Family and Couples Photographer in North Carolina

Between feeding the ducks, playing with the leaves, crying, and running were sweet moments between mom and dad, a family enjoying an afternoon at the park, and these precious memories. Thanks for letting me tag along with you, Emily!

Two Boys and a Playset {Mt. Pleasant, SC Lifestyle Family Photographer}

By now, it is probably pretty cold in your neck of the woods.  I know, even for my beach town, the chill is in the air.  There is nothing like reminiscing about the good old days with the sunshine on your face, swing within arms’ reach, and best bud alongside you.  So grab a cup of hot chocolate and meet the Crady Family.  Full of love and joy… and surrounded by sunshine.


Don’t get too jealous.  This is from a session in the fall.  Thanks to the family for having me over for an afternoon in the yard.  These are by far my favorite type of sessions and hope to do more with these cutie pies as they grow older!

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage {West Ashley Announcement Photographer}

And now a baby in a baby carriage!  You first met these two when I wrote about their wedding.  I first met them surrounded by friends, laughter and fun.  It is hard to believe that Click-Click and I have been there for their proposal, wedding and now as they announce news they have waited all their life for.

The Cromptons are having a baby!

Baby Announcements by Songbird Photography

Dear Baby Crompton,

You are so lucky.  Your parents are some of the most warm, wonderful, loving, nurturing and caring people I know.  They have waited for you and prayed for you before they even knew each other!  Your mommy almost jumped over the moon with excitement when she found out you were expected and throughout the trials of pregnancy, she has been so thankful for you in her life.  So get ready, Peanut.  Get ready for the best ride of your life with these two.  They will love you like crazy, spoil you to satisfaction, and keep you well fed throughout the way!  Just remember to play nice with Charlotte….She is sorta queen of the castle.

Love, Auntie Steph

Baby Announcements by Songbird Photography

A Bundle of Cuteness {Children’s Photography in Charleston, SC}

I sponsored a parenting conference earlier this year and lucky me, met the Hoffman family through it!  Family Portraits on Daniel Island

The kids were super sweet and great fun to work with!  Hope these made Grandma as happy as could be!