What should I bring?

I like being prepared.  It makes me happy.  In case you work the same way, here is the 411 on what to consider bringing to our session…

South Carolina family portrait photographer

Bubbles and family. Always a win.

Generally, I suggest packing:

  • Change (or two) of clothes
  • Touch up makeup
  • Props or articles that are sentimental or special to you.  For example, if you love playing scrabble with your fiance, then bring the game!
  • Ideas!  If you want a certain pose or you would like a particular set up, let me know.  If you want to have a themed shoot, please let me know in advance so I can make sure the location supports it.

If you have kids, you may want to bring these things too:

  • Snacks and clear fluids  (like water)
  • Sentimental toys, books, articles, or props
  • Wet naps or tissues
  • A rattle or something that makes noise (especially if the child is 1-year-old or less)

If you are bringing your pet(s):

  • Water bowl
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Leash

Of course, bring your smile and spunk.  I really need you to bring those things!

South Carolina Portrait Photographer


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