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I hope you had the time of your life. {Candid children’s photography by Songbird Photography}

Hello there.

children's photography
Have I told you how very much I love being an auntie? A few weeks ago, while my Sissy and Broseph were on vacation, I had the joy of watching the boys. Somewhere between dropping the parents off at the airport and Gabey Baby going swimming in a public bathroom’s toilet, I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”

But, we made it work. Not only did we make it work, we thrived. We had an enormous amount of fun and snacks and giggles and playtime and learning and snuggling and adorable moments of which I tried to capture.
children's photography

Seriously, I love just spending time with kids and families in their natural habitat, photographing them just doing their thing. Like… I LOVE it. Nothing makes me happier.

One day, maybe, this is all I will do. Maybe you will welcome me into your home and we will have a session over animal crackers and playtime. One day, some day.

But for now, I will keep my day job and cherish moments like this with my family, my friends, and my clients (who basically become my family and friends), share them with you, and take every chance to capture honest moments with authentic emotions during our fun times together.

children's photography

Until next time-

South Carolina Portrait Photographer


With a Wink and Smile {Mt. Pleasant Family Photographer}

I love having clients return year after year.  To see how a family grows and changes is one of those things I feel so privileged to be a part of.  The Neher/Ogden Family was gracious enough to ask me back this year for their annual extended family photos and we made a party out of it. Well, a playground party at least!

Mt Pleasant fun family photography session

These kiddos are the best.  It was just another Saturday outside with the family, complete with dizziness from spinning, laughter from playing, and crying from leaving.  Happy 2014 Nehers and Ogdens!  May this year be as fun as a Saturday at the park.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage {West Ashley Announcement Photographer}

And now a baby in a baby carriage!  You first met these two when I wrote about their wedding.  I first met them surrounded by friends, laughter and fun.  It is hard to believe that Click-Click and I have been there for their proposal, wedding and now as they announce news they have waited all their life for.

The Cromptons are having a baby!

Baby Announcements by Songbird Photography

Dear Baby Crompton,

You are so lucky.  Your parents are some of the most warm, wonderful, loving, nurturing and caring people I know.  They have waited for you and prayed for you before they even knew each other!  Your mommy almost jumped over the moon with excitement when she found out you were expected and throughout the trials of pregnancy, she has been so thankful for you in her life.  So get ready, Peanut.  Get ready for the best ride of your life with these two.  They will love you like crazy, spoil you to satisfaction, and keep you well fed throughout the way!  Just remember to play nice with Charlotte….She is sorta queen of the castle.

Love, Auntie Steph

Baby Announcements by Songbird Photography

First Comes Love. Then Comes Marriage. {Charleston, South Carolina Couples Photography}

I love newlyweds.  I always have.  It’s hard to explain, but there is something so captivating to me about newlyweds, their interactions, and how they are adjusting to this new season of life.

Carolina Couples photography by Songbird Photography

My session with the newly established Kane family was wonderfully unique.  They wanted to get pictures as a family for the first time.  I couldn’t be more honored to have given that to them!  Hearing the stories of their adjustments as a married couple and stories as a couple was a wonderful part of our time together.

Carolina Couples photography by Songbird Photography

We had so much fun roaming around the Flats at Mixson and watching the pup make himself at home.  I love sessions with dogs.  I love sessions with lovebirds.  Congrats on the new marriage, Kane Family!

Family Whimsy {Charleston, SC area family photographer}

There aren’t too many things in life that make me as happy as giggling kiddos.  The Dizenhouse clan certainly fits the bill.  I love them because they are exactly what they are.  You know those types of people who don’t put on a show…They are just in your face honest and it is beautiful?  That’s them.  And it’s beautiful.

fun family picture ideas with songbird photography

Thanks for keeping my camera busy and my heart happy!  You guys are always the best sports in our sessions and come with fun ideas, roll with the punches, and have a beautiful flair for the dramatic.  Can’t wait until next time!

Lucy Turns Two! {Sullivan’s Island Portrait Photographer}

Wow.  Firstly, let me apologize.  This is way too long to not speak to one another!  A lot has happened in my life since we last chatted… but here’s an overview to catch you up:

  • I stopped drinking coffee
  • I photographed my nephew because he is turning 2 (his lil pictures are to come)!
  • I went to Atlanta and had a wonderful weekend filled with fun families (pictures to come too…) and managed to sneak a session in with my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday (also snuck in an awesome dinner that reminded me and the hubs of our Germany travels)
  • Came up with a 5-year-plan
  • Started a full-time job
  • Started drinking coffee again
  • Started a book club
  • Actually read the chapters for the book club
  • Found a new favorite restaurant (Seriously.. go to Basico and get some tacos and guacamole)
  • Dodged the flu
  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary
  • Got the flu
  • Redesigned my website
  • Remembered I had a blog and that I should probably start writing for it 🙂

So now that you know where time flew….let’s get to this lil cutie.  World, meet Lucy.  She has turned 2 years old and is as cute as a button!


I loved my session with Lucy for a few reasons.  Firstly, her momma is so laid back and easy to work with!  Secondly, Lucy was the most distinguished talking toddler I have ever met!  I swear, she is 2 going on 12.  Her words were very articulate and her wishes were so fun to get caught up with during our time.  Lastly, we played a game together…called Guess The Next Color Car That Drives Passed The House.  Granted, the name needs some work, but Lucy loved it…And that is all that counts!

Happiest belated birthday to you , Lucy!  May your years be filled with wonder and amazement!

Waiting for Baby Lola {Mt Pleasant, South Carolina Area Maternity Photographer}

They needed no direction.  Anna and Caleb were natural models.  Typically, my sessions consist of 25-50% model direction and a the rest is candid moments, but let me tell you…This session was composed of just about 100% “candid, let me stalk you around your house and be your new best friend” moments.  And it was wonderful.
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina Maternity Photographer
Anna and Caleb are expecting lil baby Lola soon.  It is crazy to believe she is in her last trimester (and did I mention, still looking just as beautiful as ever?)!  They are a fantastic couple, one of those contagiously funny couples that you can’t help but feel comfortable around?  Yep, that’s them.  It probably helps that they don’t take anything too seriously and love life’s best offerings (hello all tech gadgets, hats, and dogs).

South Carolina Maternity Portrait session

Their easy-going nature and nurturing instincts will certainly be helpful tools as parents.  My favorite part of our session was watching them interact with their dogs.  Anna was kind, nurturing, and already exhibited all typical parenting traits towards the 3 furry kids, while Caleb had them trained, doing tricks, and leaping for joy.  I have no doubt this feisty lil girl will be well-loved and surrounded by laughter and licking.

South Carolina Maternity Portrait session

South Carolina Maternity Portrait session

Congratulations Anna and Caleb!  May the outcome be worth the process (which I feel 100% confident that it will) and you always keep your calm-under-pressure personalities.

South Carolina Maternity Portrait session