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With a Wink and Smile {Mt. Pleasant Family Photographer}

I love having clients return year after year.  To see how a family grows and changes is one of those things I feel so privileged to be a part of.  The Neher/Ogden Family was gracious enough to ask me back this year for their annual extended family photos and we made a party out of it. Well, a playground party at least!

Mt Pleasant fun family photography session

These kiddos are the best.  It was just another Saturday outside with the family, complete with dizziness from spinning, laughter from playing, and crying from leaving.  Happy 2014 Nehers and Ogdens!  May this year be as fun as a Saturday at the park.


A Bundle of Cuteness {Children’s Photography in Charleston, SC}

I sponsored a parenting conference earlier this year and lucky me, met the Hoffman family through it!  Family Portraits on Daniel Island

The kids were super sweet and great fun to work with!  Hope these made Grandma as happy as could be!

Three Wedding Dresses {Charleston, SC Portrait Photographer}

When Kayla first came to me with this idea, I was instantly sold.  When I heard her story, I was even more excited!  Three best friends all married in the same year.  To celebrate the occasion, they braved climbing back into those dresses as newlyweds and frolicked through downtown Charleston with me.

Bridal Portraits in downtown charleston by Songbird Photography

Congrats to you all!  I had such a fun time with you ladies sharing stories and talking about our hubbys!

Tutus on a Saturday Morning {Charleston, SC Family Photographer}

When I was a kid, I used to LOVE dressing up in this slip-dress.  It was all white with a huge tutu-esque bottom and a little rose on the top.  It was perfect and I never took it off.. Unless it had to be washed.  In that case, I swapped it out for my pink spandex shorts and one of dad’s old t-shirts.

So you can only imagine my excitement to photograph a couple of cuties in their tutus, as they played with their mommy and daddy.

Fun kids session in Charleston, SC with tutus and frog hats

I love childhood and all the fun it offers.  It is laughter and crying, creative thinking and challenge, all wrapped up in one lacy, furry, polka-dotted package!


Three Kiddos and Lots of Love {Charleston, SC Family Photographer}

I met a couple that will forever leave a mark on my heart.  From my observations, it seems that at some time, or a variable amount of kids or years together, couples seem to lose the energy they had when they were first together.  It seems that things become more of an obligation than a joy, smiles are forced and hide years of struggle, the twinkle in her eyes has softened to a glow for her kids, or the touch of his hand is no longer one that is youthful and excited, but one of comfort or duty.

Like I said, this is just an observation of some couples I see.  I try to surround myself with folks who still embody the joy of relationship so I can be reminded of it.  This Saturday morning was nothing short of that.  Meet the Sablotskys.  Their parents were incredibly affectionate, silly, fun, enjoyable to be around, and even with 3 kids in the mix, acted like a couple of school kids on the playground.

Fun, family photography by Songbird Photography

I loved my time with the Sablosty Family!  They were so full of love and laughter, in spite of the 40 degree weather. Kate- I am so thankful for the example you set and attitude you have!  It was wonderful to get to know your family and I look forward to watching them grow throughout the years!

First Comes Love. Then Comes Marriage. {Charleston, South Carolina Couples Photography}

I love newlyweds.  I always have.  It’s hard to explain, but there is something so captivating to me about newlyweds, their interactions, and how they are adjusting to this new season of life.

Carolina Couples photography by Songbird Photography

My session with the newly established Kane family was wonderfully unique.  They wanted to get pictures as a family for the first time.  I couldn’t be more honored to have given that to them!  Hearing the stories of their adjustments as a married couple and stories as a couple was a wonderful part of our time together.

Carolina Couples photography by Songbird Photography

We had so much fun roaming around the Flats at Mixson and watching the pup make himself at home.  I love sessions with dogs.  I love sessions with lovebirds.  Congrats on the new marriage, Kane Family!

Happy Birthday to You! {Charleston, SC based children’s photographer}

Dear Malachi,

You are amazing.  You bring so much joy and wonder and fabulousness into this world!  I am so thankful to be called your Auntie Sissy!  I pretty much feel like every sentence in this post should end in an exclamation point to try to capture the excitement I have right now!  You are wickedly fun, ridiculously cute, and wildly entertaining.  May your hair continue to turn a little more red and your smile never stop:)

Happy 2nd birthday Malachi Liam.  Thanks to you and your parents for making our lives a lot sweeter!

Children's photography