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Lucy Turns Two! {Sullivan’s Island Portrait Photographer}

Wow.  Firstly, let me apologize.  This is way too long to not speak to one another!  A lot has happened in my life since we last chatted… but here’s an overview to catch you up:

  • I stopped drinking coffee
  • I photographed my nephew because he is turning 2 (his lil pictures are to come)!
  • I went to Atlanta and had a wonderful weekend filled with fun families (pictures to come too…) and managed to sneak a session in with my parents to celebrate my dad’s birthday (also snuck in an awesome dinner that reminded me and the hubs of our Germany travels)
  • Came up with a 5-year-plan
  • Started a full-time job
  • Started drinking coffee again
  • Started a book club
  • Actually read the chapters for the book club
  • Found a new favorite restaurant (Seriously.. go to Basico and get some tacos and guacamole)
  • Dodged the flu
  • Celebrated my first wedding anniversary
  • Got the flu
  • Redesigned my website
  • Remembered I had a blog and that I should probably start writing for it 🙂

So now that you know where time flew….let’s get to this lil cutie.  World, meet Lucy.  She has turned 2 years old and is as cute as a button!


I loved my session with Lucy for a few reasons.  Firstly, her momma is so laid back and easy to work with!  Secondly, Lucy was the most distinguished talking toddler I have ever met!  I swear, she is 2 going on 12.  Her words were very articulate and her wishes were so fun to get caught up with during our time.  Lastly, we played a game together…called Guess The Next Color Car That Drives Passed The House.  Granted, the name needs some work, but Lucy loved it…And that is all that counts!

Happiest belated birthday to you , Lucy!  May your years be filled with wonder and amazement!


Happy Chaos {Charleston, South Carolina Family Photographer}

So, I am sitting here, roasting like a turkey on Thanksgiving day, because our air conditioner is broken (although hopefully, by the time you read this, it will be fixed).  But I catch myself thinking, “It’s not all that bad.  I get to spend my time with this wonderful family.”

Family portraits by Songbird Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

The Vecseys are, undeniably, the most loving folks ever.  They love, eat some ice cream, and then love some more.  You can’t get away from it (as if you’d want to) and you can’t ever beat them at the loving game.  I am pretty confident that when you become friends with them, you just have to admit defeat and surrender.  Jamie will always be better at giving awesome gifts. Jay can’t be beat at making you feel comfortable and well entertained when you are over for dinner.  And the kids?  Oh man.  They are like walking, human lollipops, they are so sweet.  They greet you with a hug and have you playing in the back yard before you can even grab your first drink.

Family portraits by Songbird Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

I think a part of it comes from this lady.  Oh lovely Nana.  She is the queen of entertaining and also, ridiculously generous.  She remembers my birthday and to send me love in the mail better than my own relatives.  She is happy to help someone out and I am thankful that God brought a wonderful, equally generous, and kind man into her life.  He is like her rock and I have never seen her happier than when she is around him.

Family portraits by Songbird Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

Which is a wonderful thing to be said because when I am around all of them, it is crazy.  Not the bad kind of crazy.  The kind of crazy that makes you want to step back, smile, and watch all the fabulous joy happening around you.  And running.  There always seems to be lots of kids running and playing.  It is never dull.  It is never the same twice.  It is never short of good food, entertaining conversation, and a enough love that you feel like you heart might explode as you drive home, full of ice cream, brownies, and in the case of this session, 100 pounds of yummy salmon.

Family portraits by Songbird Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks for letting me be a part of your family year after year Super Vecseys!  You all keep getting more and more beautiful, exponentially happier, and wickedly entertaining and I can’t wait to stick around for the future!

Family portraits by Songbird Photography in Atlanta, Georgia

Two Little Princesses and One Cutie Prince {Children’s Photographer- Atlanta, Georgia area}

As a photographer, my heart’s desire is to capture personal, authentic, and honest images, time after time.  Which really means I hope to continue photographing beautiful families year after year.  I recently went to Atlanta for a photography trip and was uber thrilled for my booking of the Dizenhouse family.  Being able to photograph their family continuously overwhelms me with joy and anticipation.  Besides, they are gorgeous and hilarious kids, so who wouldn’t want to throw a camera in the face and let them go crazy?

Family Sessions from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Atlanta, GA

These kiddos are always fun, beautiful, and warm up quickly to the camera, which makes me ecstatic to shoot them annually.  It’s basically when all my hopes and dreams for a session come together: return customer+shock and awe of how quickly they have grown+fun and laughter+lots of unpredictable moments=Stephanie’s favorite type of session.

Family Sessions from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Atlanta, GAFamily Sessions from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Atlanta, GA

Hayley, Layla, and Jack have big personalities (although all totally different) to match their big, passionate hearts.  They are bold, brave, and crazy fun.  Jack’s unique subtlities seem to balance the girls’ nonstop entertainment and energy.  You never know what is going to come out of the mouths next and I have had the best time watching them grow up over the years and fine tune their personalities!

Family Sessions from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Atlanta, GA

So thanks to these cutie-pies for making the evening wonderful!  And for skipping rocks with me and their momma!