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Holiday Smiles {Daniel Island Family Photographer}

The Green Family won me in an auction earlier this year.  Rather, I won the Green Family!  I was so thankful to photograph their little Lucy for her 2nd birthday (you can see that cuteness here) and now their holiday pictures!  I love photographing Lucy, especially at this age, because you never know what she will do next.  She is girl on a mission and knows what she wants.  Spending the afternoon with these beautiful people was the best thing to do!

Family Portraits on Daniel IslandThanks for letting me join in on your family’s fun, Kelly and Tim!  You are great parents and I loved watching the two of you interact with little Lucy.



Three Kiddos and Lots of Love {Charleston, SC Family Photographer}

I met a couple that will forever leave a mark on my heart.  From my observations, it seems that at some time, or a variable amount of kids or years together, couples seem to lose the energy they had when they were first together.  It seems that things become more of an obligation than a joy, smiles are forced and hide years of struggle, the twinkle in her eyes has softened to a glow for her kids, or the touch of his hand is no longer one that is youthful and excited, but one of comfort or duty.

Like I said, this is just an observation of some couples I see.  I try to surround myself with folks who still embody the joy of relationship so I can be reminded of it.  This Saturday morning was nothing short of that.  Meet the Sablotskys.  Their parents were incredibly affectionate, silly, fun, enjoyable to be around, and even with 3 kids in the mix, acted like a couple of school kids on the playground.

Fun, family photography by Songbird Photography

I loved my time with the Sablosty Family!  They were so full of love and laughter, in spite of the 40 degree weather. Kate- I am so thankful for the example you set and attitude you have!  It was wonderful to get to know your family and I look forward to watching them grow throughout the years!

One Saturday Morning {Daniel Island, South Carolina Engagement Photographer}

I love when people are happy and joyful. This was a good thing to be reminded of after last night.  I spent 4 hours making 150 cupcakes only to get a call from a police officer that my husband had been injured on his night’s run and needed me to pick him up.

So I did. Then, came home, cleaned up 12 pounds of icing, and went to bed only to wake up early for a sunrise session with two high school lovebirds.  But…it was the best session ever.

What started as a group date to the movies has evolved into a lifetime of movie nights for Landon and Bruce.  These two were too cute… They were so happy and joyful, even though they had been up since 7 at least on a Saturday.  Stay tuned for another post about them!

Engagement session by Songbird Photography by Stephanie HerrellOh yeah… Did I mention they are so cute I am entering them in a contest for I Heart Faces ?

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