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Tutus on a Saturday Morning {Charleston, SC Family Photographer}

When I was a kid, I used to LOVE dressing up in this slip-dress.  It was all white with a huge tutu-esque bottom and a little rose on the top.  It was perfect and I never took it off.. Unless it had to be washed.  In that case, I swapped it out for my pink spandex shorts and one of dad’s old t-shirts.

So you can only imagine my excitement to photograph a couple of cuties in their tutus, as they played with their mommy and daddy.

Fun kids session in Charleston, SC with tutus and frog hats

I love childhood and all the fun it offers.  It is laughter and crying, creative thinking and challenge, all wrapped up in one lacy, furry, polka-dotted package!



Bridal Bliss {Charleston, South Carolina Bridal Portrait Photographer}

There are so many, yet so few words to describe the unexplainable joy that mounds in one’s soul when an exciting, life changing and faith building moment happens.  Watching Jen, who never wanted to be married, gown up and gallivant one Sunday morning for bridal portraits failed in comparison to the real wedding day, but was magical nonetheless.

Bridal portraits in Charleston SCI’ll be honest though… It started a bit rocky.  The session began later than expected, Max (her stinking cute dog) got sick on the way, the temperature was quickly rising, and she had to put on a wedding dress in the middle of the street, er sidewalk with some protective coverings.  The stranger’s well wishes and excited comments from the little girls running through the park about “a bride is over there; look at her princess dress!” made it all worthwhile.

I have sited at the edge of my seat to share these with you guys!  Here are some of my favorites from our morning together.

Bridal portraits in Charleston SC

A Waterside Proposal {Charleston South Carolina Portrait Photographer}

There are a few occasions in a gal’s life where she feels like she’s are on cloud nine.  One is certainly the day of her proposal.  And when my dear friend Jeremy asked me to accompany his chance to ask his beloved for a forever together, I jumped at the opportunity.

Charleston Proposal by Songbird Photography
Jeremy and Sarah’s story has been both long and short in the making.  While they have only been dating for 7 months, they have waited for each other for a lifetime.  Jeremy took Sarah to the Battery and dropped down on one knee at the same park her grandfather proposed to her nanny.  For two people who value family and each other, this was certainly the right start to the night.  After the YES!, a new sparkly ring, and calling their families, the night transitioned into a celebration complete with well wishes from friends, BBQ, and football.
Just what the doctor ordered because the only thing she loves as much as family is meat and UGA Bulldogs.
Charleston Proposal by Songbird Photography
Congrats again to the future Kents!  May you always remember the joy that overflowed in your hearts on this very momentous day!

Dear Charleston {South Carolina Head Shot Photographer}

Sometimes, a gal just needs to sit down with a friendly face.  A person who can relate to almost  anything and validate you for not being crazy or stupid.  Someone who enjoys a decadent meal out, but would also be fine to dive into a plate of cheese, some veggies, and a bottle of wine on a Tuesday.  A friend who will welcome you with open arms, look past all your flaws, and tell it to you straight when you need to hear it.  That’s Christi.

Head Shots from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Charleston, South Carolina

You may have met her after our Munich Adventure (you can read more about those shenanigans here) and thought, “She seems pretty cool.”  Well you are right.  Amongst other things, she is also a published writer.  More recently, for Charleston’s Art Mag, which spawned the need for our mini session…so mini, it was more like a travel-size session.

Head Shots from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Charleston, South Carolina

That’s right, give me 15 minutes, some Trader Joe’s coconut flakes, and a gorgeous face, and I’ll give you this.

Head Shots from Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell in Charleston, South Carolina

Congrats Christi on this passion project and becoming a member of the Art Mag team!  Here’s to more yummy meal reviews, late night typing as to not miss a deadline, and hopefully articles with very little red ink on them.  Or blue or green or whatever your editor uses.  So basically, here’s to eating, not sleeping, and never getting feedback because you are so awesome.  Yeah, I’ll clink a glass to that.

You can check out more about the Art Mag’s contributors here.

It All Started in Atlanta {Downtown Charleston Engagement Photographer}

Ever meet a couple that you found so entertaining, you just wanted to take them to happy hour and sit and listen to their stories?  I did.  Their names are Sarah and Mark and I was practically hanging on every word of their hysterical stories.

Engagement session from Charleston's Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

I loved hearing about Sarah’s feisty determination to get what she wanted and her struggles with “patiently” waiting for Mark.  I’m sure her commitment and spunk make for a great balance to Mark’s temperament.  He seems to be cool and collected, with a more level-headed perspective on things.

Engagement session from Charleston's Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

I can only imagine the fun their personalities will bring while raising a family and continuing to care for the pup.  I had such a great time with the two of them.  They are the kind of couple that makes you feel comfortable within the first five minutes of knowing them and will keep you entertained throughout your visit.

Engagement session from Charleston's Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell

Congrats to Sarah and Mark on your future nuptials!  I know your wedding will be gorgeous and hope you marriage to be one full of laughter, love, and wonderful moments together!  Oh… and many more Braves games 🙂

Engagement session from Charleston's Songbird Photography by Stephanie Herrell